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Standing Committee On Research

The board of Directors of the Association has approved in 1994 a Standing Committee on Research. The Committee was charged with the task of:

  • Developing and maintaining a database of earthquake engineering research activities in Canada.
  • Disseminating information on earthquake engineering research activities to practitioners and researchers.
  • Identifying significant needs for earthquake engineering research and communicating these needs to members of CAEE/ACGP.
The terms of reference for the Committee is determined by the Board of Directors. The membership consists of both researchers and practitioners, and is appointed by the Board for a three-year term. Normally, the membership includes four researchers, two practitioners and an officer of the Association as an ex-officio member. It is the responsibility of the ex-officio member to provide liaison between the Standing Committee and the Board of Directors. The Standing Committee reports to the Board at least once a year.

Conducting Research?