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Papers NBCC 2005

Proposed Revisions to the Seismic Provisions of NBCC – 2005

The seismic provisions of the National Building Code of Canada were revised significantly for the 2005 edition. These revisions were intended to reflect increased knowledge and experience in the fields of engineering seismology and earthquake engineering. A number of technical papers were published in the special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, Volume 30, Number 2, April 2003 (Proposed Earthquake Design Requirements of the National Building Code of Canada, 2005 edition) to provide background information on the proposed code provisions. The provisions were already published for public comment, and are included below as part of the document entitled “Introduction.” It is important to note that the provisions given are in the form of draft proposals and not final code provisions. When finalized, the seismic provisions will be published as part of the NBCC-2005.

by Ronald H. DeVall

by Ronald H. DeVall

 by Arthur C. Heidebrecht

by John Adams and Gail Atkinson

by W. D. Liam Finn and Adrian Wightman

by Ronald H. DeVall

 by JagMohan Humar and Mohamed A. Mahgoub

 by Denis Mitchell, Robert Tremblay, Erol Karacabeyli, Patrick Paultre, Murat Saatcioglu, and Donald L. Anderson

by JagMohan Humar, Soheil Yavari, and Murat Saatcioglu

by Murat Saatcioglu and JagMohan Humar

 by Donald L. Anderson

by W.E. McKevitt