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Conducting Research

Earthquake Engineering Research Activity In Canada

The Standing Committee on Research of the CAEE/ACGP has been assigned the task of developing and maintaining a database of earthquake engineering research activity in Canada with a view to facilitate the application of research into engineering practice.

For development of the database, the Committee sent out a questionnaire in 1996 to researchers known to be working in the area. The questionnaire was also published in a CAEE/ACGP Newsletter at the time. The database compiled on the basis of responses have not been updated since 1997. Therefore, a new database is currently being compiled, and will be kept up-to-date through the use of this web site. Please submit a brief description of your research in the following format:

  • Researcher(s) Name(s), Position and Affiliation
  • Contact Information: Phone, e-mail, address
  • Topic Number (Click here for the list)
  • Project Title
  • Abstract of Research Project (up to 300 words)

You are encouraged to submit as many active research projects as that you are working on.

Please send the above information, preferably as a Word (doc), Wordperfect (wpd) or Adobe (pdf) document to secretary@caee-acgp.ca.