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About CAEE

The Canadian Association for Earthquake Engineering (CAEE/ACGP) is a national, nonprofit, technical society whose membership is open to all interested engineers, geoscientists, architects, researchers, educators, designers, planners, economists, social scientists, public officials, government and building code officials. CAEE/ACGP is an independent but interdisciplinary organization that seeks cooperation with other national technical and professional societies, as well as other counterpart associations across the world. CAEE/ACGP is the national organization representing Canada on the International Association for Earthquake Engineering, the world’s parent body of the national associations of its member countries.

Mission Statement

The primary objective of CAEE/ACGP is to foster earthquake engineering practice and research in Canada. This overall goal is met through initiating a communication network for earthquake engineering practice and research activities in Canada, sponsoring national earthquake engineering conferences and other technical meetings, encouraging and facilitating the application of research into engineering practice.