From the Editor’s Desk

by Tuna Onur

Happy 2018! CAEE wishes you a productive, fulfilling and disaster-free year ahead.

A quick glance at major earthquake activity in Canada during the past year reveals a relatively calm year. The most significant events were two magnitude 6.2 earthquakes near Yukon – Alaska border, both of which happened on the same day, May 1st, 2017. While they were strongly felt in the epicentral area, no major damage was reported.

Elsewhere around the world, Mexico had the misfortune to have two major earthquakes last year, one Mw8.2 on September 8th and one Mw7.1 on September 9th. Combined, these two earthquakes took nearly 500 lives. However, the single deadliest earthquake of 2017 was an Mw7.3 earthquake on the Iran/Iraq border, which caused more than 600 deaths and many more injuries.

We continue to learn from each earthquake, and as CAEE, work towards improving earthquake safety at home and around the world. To this end, we invite you to contribute a short summary of your research activities and findings to be published in the CAEE Newsletter (secretary@caee-acgp.ca).

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